Death toll in Yemen’s Sanaa explosion rises to 15 including 7 Students

Reports say that 14 Yemeni children were killed and 16 others were injured by a blast Sunday near two schools in the capital Sana’a. Parts of Sana’a are occupied and controlled by various rebellions. These rebels are fighting against the government aided with arms.

Yemen’s government military forces are attacking the rebels with the help of its neighbour Saudi Arabia.

Bomb Blast in Yemen
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As per AlJazeera’s report, “Air raids by a Saudi-UAE-led coalition in a residential area in Yemen’s Houthi-held capital, Sanaa, have killed at least 11 civilians, including children, according to local officials.”

However, government claims that it was rebels (Houthi) who have bombed which led to the killing of school students and many have injured. The Saudi-UAE-led alliance fighting the Houthis said its jets had struck a military camp in the Sanaa suburb of Sawan, according to DPA. But the coalition did not provide casualty figures.

The fighting in the Arab world’s poorest country has killed thousands of civilians, left millions suffering from food and medical shortages, and pushed the country to the brink of famine – AlJazeera’s report.

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